MozReview User Guide

This article is a guide on conducting code review at Mozilla using MozReview, a repository-based code-review system based on Review Board.

For the quick and impatient who just want to look at the web interface, it lives at Log in via Bugzilla. Read on to learn how to create new review requests and to conduct code review using the web interface.

Before you start code review, you need some code to review. This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of version control and can create commits that should be reviewed.

Please drill down into one of the following sections to continue.

Filing Bugs

Did you find a bug in MozReview? Do you have a feature request to make it better? File a bug in the MozReview :: General component.


We like bug reports that contain command output!

If you see an exception, stack trace, or error message, copy it into the bug.

The tests for MozReview are implemented as a series of user-facing commands, simulating terminal interaction. If you give us the commands you used to cause the error, there’s a good chance we can reproduce it and add a test case so it doesn’t break.

Getting in Touch

Have feedback or questions that aren’t appropriate for bugs? Get in touch with us!

If you prefer IRC, join #mozreview

If you prefer email or newsgroups, please use, which is available via mailing list, Google Group, or NNTP. This is also our general development mailing list.

Adding Review Repositories

Since code review is initiated by pushing to a repository, every repository must have a corresponding code review repository configured to receive reviews.

To request creation of a new code review repository, file a bug with the source repository URL and your request will likely be granted.