Bugzilla Integration

MozReview and the Review Board web interface are tighly integrated with Bugzilla.

Shared User Database and Authentication

Review Board shares its user database with Bugzilla.

Logging into Review Board is done through Bugzilla. The Log in link in Review Board will redirect you to Bugzilla, where you should provide your usual Bugzilla credentials. Note that if you have an active Bugzilla session, you will automatically be redirected back to Review Board without having to provide your credentials again.

Your Review Board username is derived from your name in Bugzilla. If you are using the Firsname Lastname [:ircnick] convention, your Review Board username will be your IRC nickname, ircnick in this example.

Forms that accept users in Review Board all accept email addresses, IRC nicknames, full names, and Review Board usernames.

Review Flags

Asking a user for review on Review Board will create an attachment on the associated Bugzilla bug and will set the review flag to ? to request review from the specified user. Clicking on the attachment in the Bugzilla user interface or following the link to the review will redirect you to Review Board.

When someone leaves a review on a review request, the chosen flag value will be set in Bugzilla (or cleared if the empty value is chosen).

If a new revision of a commit is pushed up to MozReview, a new attachment will not be created. Rather, any r- and cleared review flags on the original Bugzilla attachment will be reset to r?. Any existing r+ flags will be left as is, that is, the review is carried forward. This last part is under discussion and may change in the future. There is also work under way to allow explicitly re-requesting review even if a r+ has previously been granted.

Review Comments

Review comments will be turned into Bugzilla comments when reviews are published. The full content of the review comment will be reflected in Bugzilla.


The existing Bugzilla comment format is far from optimal and will likely change.

We are even considering removing low-level comments from Bugzilla completely. All options are on the table. If you have ideas on what things should look like, please get in touch.