Configuring Git to Use MozReview

Submitting patches to MozReview requires pushing commits to a special code review repository (similar to how GitHub Pull Requests are initiated by pushing commits to GitHub).

Because various repositories are canonically hosted in Mercurial, the special code review repositories are Mercurial - not Git - repositories.

Installing Mercurial

Mercurial is used under the covers when submitting to MozReview. See Installing Mercurial for instructions on installing Mercurial.


A modern version of Mercurial is required to submit to MozReview.

Please verify your installed Mercurial version against what is listed at Installing Mercurial before continuing.

Installing git-cinnabar

git-cinnabar allows Git to fetch from and push to Mercurial repositories. Use of git-cinnabar is required to submit Git commits to MozReview.

Install git-cinnabar by following the directions on its GitHub project page.


git-cinnabar 0.3.1 (released 2016-01-16) or newer is required.

Installing MozReview Git Tools

Git support for MozReview requires a handful of support tools and libraries. All the code (except for Git, Mercurial, and git-cinnabar) are located in the version-control-tools repository. You will need to clone this repository to your local machine.

If you have a Firefox repository cloned, run mach mercurial-setup from it and it will clone version-control-tools to ~/.mozbuild/version-control-tools.

To clone version-control-tools manually:

$ hg clone


$ git clone hg::


We’ll use vct as an abbreviation for version-control-tools.

Next, tell Git to find Git commands located in the git/commands directory of this repository by updating your PATH environment variable (likely in your ~/.profile or similar shell init script):

$ export PATH=/path/to/vct/git/commands:$PATH


You likely updated your PATH variable as part of installing git-cinnabar. You should update the same thing to register version-control-tool’s Git commands.

Configuring Access Credentials

You’ll need to define Bugzilla access credentials to communicate with MozReview. These are defined as part of the Git configuration file.

You can configure them globally via git config:

$ git config --global bz.username
$ git config --global bz.apikey as3r123hj325hjld3

Or if you don’t wish to define these credentials globally, git mozreview configure (described below) will record them in your .git/config.


You can generate or obtain an already-generated API Key from

It is recommended to use git or git-mozreview as the name of the API Key.


Logging into MozReview will create a Bugzilla API Key named mozreview. This API Key has limited permissions and isn’t suitable for use by Git.

MozReview also currently requires a nickname to be specified. This is used as a label for commits series. It will likely go away sometime. It is recommended to use your IRC nickname if you have one. To configure this nickname:

$ git config --global mozreview.nickname mynick


Git users having a Mozilla LDAP account configured for version control access will need to associate that LDAP account with MozReview to gain access to certain MozReview features.

See Manually Associating Your LDAP Account with MozReview.

Configuring a Repository to Submit to MozReview

Each local Git repository wishing to submit patches to MozReview will need to be configured for MozReview integration. Configuring a repository is simple:

$ git mozreview configure


MozReview only works with Git repository cloned from the Mercurial upstream. Documentation is available on how to switch a clone of gecko-dev mirror to upstreams.

If you manually configured global settings above, this command should complete automatically. If not, it will prompt you for e.g. your Bugzilla access credentials.

By default, git mozreview configure will configure the review Git remote. See git mozreview configure help on how to change the default remote name.

Once git mozreview configure is run, you should now be able to use git mozreview push to submit commits to MozReview for review.

Proceed to Creating Commits and Submitting Review Requests for more info.