Configuring Mercurial to Use MozReview

Wizard-Based Configuration

If you already have a Firefox repository like mozilla-central cloned, you can run mach mercurial-setup from it and a guided wizard will walk you through configuring Mercurial for optimal use on Mozilla projects. Configuring Mercurial for MozReview is part of this wizard.


The wizard currently does not configure the autoreview repository. See Configuring The Auto Review Repository for how to do this manually.

If you don’t have a Firefox repository, have no fear: just follow the instructions below.

Manual Configuration

Installing the Mercurial Extension

Interacting with MozReview from Mercurial requires a Mercurial extension to be installed and configured.

To install that extension, clone the version-control-tools repository and activate the hgext/reviewboard/ extension in your hgrc. For example:

$ hg clone ~/version-control-tools
$ cat >> ~/.hgrc << EOF
reviewboard = ~/version-control-tools/hgext/reviewboard/


You likely already have an [extensions] section in your Mercurial configuration. Run hg config --edit --global (or hg config -e -g for short) to open your global configuration in an editor and add the aforementioned extension under the [extensions] section.

Configuring the Mercurial Extension

The Mercurial extension requires additional Mercurial configuration file options before it can be used.

Bugzilla Credentials

You will need to define your BMO credentials in your Mercurial configuration in order to authenticate with MozReview. These are placed under the [bugzilla] section in your configuration file. Again, hg config -e -g to open an editor and place something like the following in your config file:

; Your Bugzilla username. This is an email address.
username =
; A Bugzilla API key
apikey = ojQBGzhDmFYRFSX4xWNCSyOEsJKqisU0l0EJqXh6


You can generate or obtain an already-generated API Key from


Logging into MozReview will create a Bugzilla API Key named mozreview. This API Key has limited permissions and isn’t suitable for general use. It is recommended to create an API Key named mercurial or hg and define that in your Mercurial config.

IRC Nickname

MozReview currently uses your IRC nickname as an identifier when creating reviews. You will need to define it in your Mercurial configuration file under the [mozilla] section.

Use the following as a template:

ircnick = mynick

Configuring The Auto Review Repository

There is a special repository called the autoreview repository that will automatically see what you are pushing and redirect your push to the appropriate code review repository. In other words, you don’t need to configure a review path/remote for each clone: you simply define an alias to the autoreview repository in your global Mercurial configuration file and it should just work.

Using hg config -e to edit your global Mercurial configuration file, add an entry under the [paths] section like so (be sure to use the appropriate HTTP or SSH URL depending on what you have configured):

# For HTTP pushing
review =

# For SSH pushing
review = ssh://

Now, you can hg push review from any Mercurial repository and it will go to the autoreview repository and redirect to the appropriate review repository automatically!