Configuring Your Machine to Use MozReview

Configuring your machine to submit patches to MozReview requires the following steps:

  1. Obtain accounts and access privileges (those already active with Mozilla have likely already done this)
  2. Configure your version control tool to connect with MozReview

Obtaining Accounts, Credentials, and Privileges

To submit patches to MozReview, you will need:

  • An active (BMO) account
  • A BMO API Key

Those wishing to use advanced and more privileged features of MozReview will need:

  • A Mozilla LDAP account with Mercurial access and a registered SSH key


First time contributors don’t require an LDAP account and can use most parts of MozReview with just a Bugzilla account.

A BMO account can be created at (Instructions for creating BMO API Keys are described later.)

Instructions for obtaining a Mozilla LDAP account with Mercurial access are documented at Becoming A Mozilla Contributor.

Benefits of Having an LDAP Account

Having an LDAP account associated with MozReview grants the following additional privileges:

  • Ability to trigger Try jobs from MozReview
  • Ability to land commits from the MozReview
  • Reviews from people with level 3 will enable Ship Its (r+) to be carried forward.


Non-casual contributors are strongly encouraged to obtain and configure an LDAP account. This includes reviewers.

Updating SSH Config

If you are using SSH to push to MozReview (requires an LDAP account), you will want to configure your SSH username for See SSH Configuration for instructions on updating your SSH client configuration, including the SSH host key fingerprints.


If you have already configured in your SSH config, it is typically sufficient to copy the settings to

Manually Associating Your LDAP Account with MozReview

If pushing to MozReview via HTTP (this includes all Git users) and you have a Mozilla LDAP account, you will need to perform a one-time step to associate your LDAP account with MozReview.

  1. Ensure you have an account in MozReview by logging in at
  2. Execute the LDAP association command via SSH and follow the interactive wizard: $ ssh mozreview-ldap-associate

Successful association will resemble the following:

$ ssh mozreview-ldap-associate
The following LDAP account will be associated with MozReview:

By SSHing into this machine, you have proved ownership of that
LDAP account. We will need Bugzilla credentials to prove ownership
of a Bugzilla account. These credentials are NOT stored on the

Enter your Bugzilla e-mail address:
Enter a Bugzilla API Key: aslkhfr23rhl213j
associating LDAP account with Bugzilla account
LDAP account successfully associated!


Your SSH username for is your Mozilla LDAP username, which is an e-mail address. You may need to specify the -l argument to ssh to specify a username. e.g. ssh -l mozreview-ldap-associate.

Configuring Your Version Control Client

See Configuring Mercurial to Use MozReview or Configuring Git to Use MozReview.