This repository contains a number of Mercurial extensions. Each is described in the sections below.

All extensions are located under the hgext/ subdirectory.


The firefoxtree extension makes working with the various Firefox repositories much more pleasant.

For more, read it’s documentation.


mozext is a Swiss Army Knife for Firefox development. It provides a number of features:

  • It defines aliases for known Firefox repositories. You can do hg pull central, etc.
  • It provides a mechanism for tracking each repository via bookmarks, allowing you to more easily operate a unified repository.
  • Changes to Python files are automatically checked for style.
  • Pushlog data is synchronized to a local database.
  • Bug data is extracted from commit messages and stored in a database.
  • Many revision set and template functions are added.

If you are looking to turn Mercurial into a more powerful query tool or want to maintain a unified repository, mozext is very valuable.

This extension lives under hgext/mozext.


The serverlog extension hacks up some Mercurial internals to record forensics that are useful for Mercurial server operators.