This repository contains a number of Mercurial extensions. Each is described in the sections below.

All extensions are located under the hgext/ subdirectory.


The bzexport extension provides commands for interacting with Bugzilla. It’s known for its namesake hg bzexport command, which exports/uploads patches to Bugzilla. It also offers an hg newbug command to create new bugs from the command line.

This extension lives under hgext/bzexport.


The bzpost extension will automatically update Bugzilla with comments containing the URL to pushed changesets after pushing changesets that reference bugs. The implementation is highly tailored towards the Firefox workflow.


The firefoxtree extension makes working with the various Firefox repositories much more pleasant.

For more, read it’s documentation.


mozext is a Swiss Army Knife for Firefox development. It provides a number of features:

  • It defines aliases for known Firefox repositories. You can do hg pull central, etc.
  • It provides a mechanism for tracking each repository via bookmarks, allowing you to more easily operate a unified repository.
  • Changes to Python files are automatically checked for style.
  • Pushlog data is synchronized to a local database.
  • Bug data is extracted from commit messages and stored in a database.
  • Many revision set and template functions are added.

If you are looking to turn Mercurial into a more powerful query tool or want to maintain a unified repository, mozext is very valuable.

This extension lives under hgext/mozext.


The qbackout extension provides assitance to help perform code backouts the Mozilla way.


The qimportbz extension allows you to easily import patches from Bugzilla.


The serverlog extension hacks up some Mercurial internals to record forensics that are useful for Mercurial server operators.