Mercurial Customizations

This repository contains numerous customizations to the Mercurial version control tool.

Creating and Maintaining a Development Environment

In order to run tests for the extensions and hooks, you’ll need to create and activate an isolated environment.

From the root directory of a version-control-tools checkout:

$ ./create-environment hgdev

This will create a Python virtualenv in venv/hgdev. Assuming all goes well, it will print instructions on how to activate that environment in your local shell and how to run tests.

If the command fails, a likely culprit is missing system package dependencies.

On Debian/Ubuntu based distros, install required system packages via:

$ apt-get install build-essential python-all-dev sqlite3

On RedHat/CentOS based distros:

$ yum install bzip2 gcc python-devel sqlite

Then try ./create-environment hgdev again. If that fails, this documentation may need updated!