Custom APIs

In addition to the APIs and services that Mercurial provides out-of-the-box, offers a handful of custom APIs for services to consume.


The Pushlog records when pushes are made to a repository and who made them. See Pushlog for more.

Firefox Releases

Firefox repositories are able to expose information about the set of Firefox releases tied to Mercurial changesets in that repository. See Firefox Release Data for more.

Repository Metadata

The repoinfo web command provides additional information about a repository, such as the group membership required to push to that repository.

See e.g. and

Automation Relevance

The automationrelevance web command provides information on what changesets are relevant to automated consumers given a source changeset.

URLs have the form <repo>/json-automationrelevance/<changeset>. e.g.

The data contains a set of changesets and corresponding metadata (such as pushlog info and the set of files changed). The relevant changesets are the changesets that should be used to influence scheduling of tasks that examine the correctness of those changesets.

For most repositories, the relevant set consists of changesets in the same push as the queried changeset.

For special repositories (notably the try repositories), the relevant set is supplemented by non-public ancestors of the queried changeset. e.g. if you push a series of changesets to Try and then iterate on just the last changeset, the relevant set on subsequent pushes will include the base changesets from previous push(es).